Movie Mania: Assassin’s Creed

Hey folks
For once I’m very up to date with the movies I review. Last week I went to the cinema to check out Assassin’s Creed, the video game based film everybody is talking about at the moment!



The Plot:
Cal Lynch is about to be executed for murder, however, after the whole things takes place he magically awakens. He soon finds out that still being alive might not be the best thing. A company working for the Templar Order saved him as they are searching for the Apple of Eden (a mystical item that’s supposed to control free will). The Assassin’s Brotherhood hid the Apple in 1492 and Cal is a descendent of the very guy who did the job. By sending him back to his ancestor’s memories the company hopes for the location to be revealed…


The Rating:
First of all I have to admit that I never played the game. So for someone who did, I’m pretty certain the film is a whole other experience (however, after watching the movie I went to buy it 😉 )
So for about 3/4 of the time Assassin’s Creed was hell of a ride. I actually expected them to fade to a black screen and inform us about a sequel at a very certain scene (I don’t want to add any spoilers, but believe me, there would have been a perfect moment). I was rather surprised that the film actually continued at that point. And that’s where the trouble begins. The last 1/4 they squeezed in so much plot it would have easily been enough to fill an entire movie. Thus we get a super rushed story-line that fails to make any sense. Many scenes even seem ridiculous to the lack of time to let them unfold. For example Marion Cotillard has a very profound change of heart twice within less than five minutes…
Another down-side of the time being used for that is the missing depth. There is barely any explanation about any of the two rivalling side. Not even the characters (any of them) have much depth. You end up not feeling with anyone in the film as there is no way to relate at all. You often wonder if someone is supposed to be important or why that certain character is there. Should you care for him or her? Well, no idea as there is no explanation whatsoever.
After many complaints I want to point out the very positive aspects: Both the scenery and the fighting scenes are absolutely impeccable. I was amazed how well they transported the action from the game to the screen. That does make up for a lot but ultimately it’s not enough to carry the viewer through this confusing movie.

Although Assassin’s Creed has a lot impressive action to offer, the lack of proper story-telling and depth make the movie rather confusing and at certain points even ridiculous. It may not be the best of films, but it is a good try converting a game to the screen.


Did you watch the film? Play the game? Let me know in the comments what you think!


5 thoughts on “Movie Mania: Assassin’s Creed

  1. Great review! I’m seeing this Wednesday hopefully. I played the games up until Black Flag and was a huuuuge fan. I’m not expecting this to be a great movie but I’ve heard the action scenes are good, so I’m still excited 🙂

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