Book vs. Movie: Stardust

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Today’s book vs. movie is about something truly magical. I’ve already seen the film Stardust several times (not only because I adore Claire Danes) but so far never had the time to check out the novel by Neil Gaiman. Recently I was roaming the book shelves of my favourite library and stumbled upon a copy!



The Plot:
Tristan lives in a boring little village which lies next to something not so ordinary.
When Tristan and his beloved Victoria watch a star fall, he makes the foolish promise to find the star and bring it back to her. So he travels beyond the wall, and discovers Yvaine, a beautiful young woman, who turns out to be the star!
Soon it turns out Tristan wasn’t the only one looking for and for the stone that knocked her out of the sky…


Book vs. Movie:
As I mentioned before, the movie is amazing. It’s one of those films that are simply magical without being a big cliché. The characters quite different from your usual fairy-tale stuff. They got together and A-list cast to portray all of them!
What I enjoyed most about the adaptation is the humor. It’s not an outright comedy film, but there are some very funny remarks along with a lot of situational comedy.
So, you can guess I was pretty excited to get my hands on the book. But to be honest, I was slightly disappointed. Gaiman’s world isn’t nearly as colorful or magical as the adaptation is. (That came as a surprise to me – usually it’s the other way round)
Furthermore, the movie’s plot is actually very close to the novel but there are some additional scenes. Thus, some things simply make more sense and have more depth than in the book. (I never thought I would ever write those words)
But what disappointed me the most was that Neil Gaiman’s piece of work lacked almost all the humour I cherished so much about the film! There are a few funny remarks but the novel is by far not as charming as the adaptation.
Don’t get me wrong here, Gaiman’s book isn’t bad. It is a nice and decent read. However, I had hoped for a bit more after such a lovely movie.

This time I have to say that the adaptation outshines the novel all the way. It’s far more magical, colorful and definitely funnier!


Did you see the film? Read the book? let me know in the comments what you think!

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