TV Show Spotlight: Twin Peaks

Hey Guys!
I spent all of 2016 being excited and waiting for Twin Peaks to return after 14 years. Well, it’s postponed to 2017, so instead I just re-watched the two famous original seasons that gained cult status!

What is it about?
Twin Peaks is a remote town somewhere close to the Canadian border. It’s the kind of place where everybody knows their neighbors and nothing bad could ever happen. Until one day, the corpse of homecoming queen Laura Palmer is found.
FBI agent Dale Cooper heads for Twin Peaks to find out what happened. It soon turns out that many things are not what they appear to be and people seem to be leading a double life…

Why should you check it out?
Twin Peaks is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There are so many amazing plot-twists and surprises you would never ever expect. The story is absolutely fascinating and you can’t help but binge-watch this show. Although there is only a total  of 30 episodes so many different aspects are covered! You will discover something new everything to re-watch it. If you pay close attention you realise that they actually hint at the show returning! I never noticed before.
One of the things I love most about Twin Peaks is how amazing the characters are designed. They are all so unique, weird, funny and multi-dimensional. It’s not only 2 or 3 main characters that have depth but David Lynch managed to give almost all of Twin Peaks’ citizens their time to shine. There are no stereotypical appearances or at least not for long. They all evolve, change, grow-up and deal with what is going on.
Honestly, Twin Peaks features some of my all-time favourite characters like Agent Dale Cooper. No other show allows their characters to embrace their weirdness like this!
Moreover, you get an impressive score with an opening theme that will give you goosebumps. All set in a stunning landscape.

If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks up ’til now, go check it out. There’s a reason for it being so popular, even after all these years!

Did you watch Twin Peaks? Let me now in the comments what you think!

3 thoughts on “TV Show Spotlight: Twin Peaks

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