3 Thoughts on Aquarius (TV Show)

Hey Guys!
I am so awfully behind on writing posts it isn’t even funny anymore. Aquarius is american period crime drama show I checked out right after the first season aired – which was May 2015 😛
However, I finally gathered my thoughts on this show!


Thought #1 – History!
For those of you who don’t know: The show is set in the late 1960’s and partly deals with real events. The main plot follows the investigations around a girl who gets involved with Charles Manson.
I just love it when a movie or a TV show pick up real bits of history and I always end up researching the stuff for hours. Aquarius really did a great job depicting the atmosphere of the 60’s and seemed rather authentic to me!


Thought #2 – David Duchovney:
The last show I watched starring Duchovney was Californication and I lost interest in that one after season 3. So, I was pretty excited to find out how I would do with this one. At first I was rather impressed by his performance as his character was interesting, fascinating and very relatable. However, soon before long his character seemed to become the blueprint of a cop you see in every other movie. He’s an alcoholic, his wife left him, has an affair, problems with his son, would like to take the law in his own hands… Sounds familiar, right?
So in the end I didn’t really get to see any new sides of Duchovney as this role aligned right with what I am used to.


Thought #3 – The Side-Plots:
While I was very fascinated with the whole Manson thing, I ended up rather overwhelmed with all the other stuff that’s going on in the show. It’s clear that they wanted to give an authentic picture of the time by including other aspects as well but unfortunately, the show somehow got lost in all it’s side plots. They bring up racial issues, the war, drugs, etc. There is so much going on at one point it didn’t feel like the actual main plot was going anywhere.
So, I have to admit I never even finished the first season as the story was dragging on too much for taste. Maybe I’ll give it another chance at some point, as there really is a lot of potential!


Did you watch Aquarius? Let me know in the comments what you think about it!


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