Movie Mania: Finding Dory

Hello folks!

I still remember when I was a kid and Finding Nemo came out. I was so excited to go to theaters and loved every minute of the film!
Needless to say that I freaked out a little when I heard about Finding Dory! I finally had time to check out our favourite blue fish’s story. But is it as good as Finding Nemo?


The Plot:
You remember Dory right? Well, in this movie she remembered something too. While taking Nemo to school, Dory suddenly has a flashback about her own family. So she sets out to find her parents!


The Rating:
Well, I had my hopes up for this one but to be honest with you, I ended up very disappointed.
While I expected something new and fresh, I ended up with Finding Nemo 2.0. They story and even some scenes were very much alike. Although the film itself was beautifully made and had some amiable characters, disappointment was hanging over me like a dark cloud while watching Finding Dory. Taken just by itself, it is a rather cute movie, that will make you smile.
However, for me it was just too much of stuff we had previously seen. I had wished for more originality that Finding Dory simply couldn’t provide.

If you are able to forget about Finding Nemo for the duration of the flick, I’m certain that you will end up having a good time with Dory.


Did you see Finding Dory? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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