A Student’s Guide to Vienna: Entertainment and Recreation (Guide #1)

Hello Guys!
Today I want to introduce a new kind of post! I’ve been living in Vienna for quite some time now so decided to show my best tips for making most of this city (on a small budget)!
The first post in my Guide to Vienna series will be about entertainment and Recreation!


One of my favourite means of entertainment is going to museums. First of all, if you are under 19 you are lucky: many Viennese museum have free admission! However, with a student id you are also able to get discounts at almost every place.

  • The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (museum of Art History) has an annual ticket for just 19 euros (34 if you are older than 25). As this museum alone is worth visiting several times it definitely pays off. There are also free tours with different themes several times a week. However, the annual ticket also includes admission to six other museums!
  • 26th October: This is a nation wide holiday in Austria and in honor of it, many museum have free admission on this day! I always spend it running from exhibition to exhibition!

The Library:
Reading may not be a great entertainment to everybody, but it is absolutely essential for me. The moment I got my annual ticket for the Viennese library, I stopped buying books. They simply have every book you can think of and also and extensive collection of English novels (yay!). The price is also unbeatable: the general price is 24 euros for the entire year, if you are a student you only pay 3,80! You can’t even buy a single book for that price, so it certainly pays off!
A bonus is that you can explore all the different libraries. Each district has at least one and I love checking them all out.

Theaters, Musicals and Operas:
As I am talking about culture, I also need to include trips to the theater, musicals and operas. You might think tha going to such performances might be expensive, but if you are a student you are lucky. The Volkstheater for example offers you to buy left over tickets right before the show begins for a fixed price of six euros. No matter what seat! Last time I got to sit in the third row, a seat you usually pay fifty euros for! A bunch of different theaters have this offer just like the Volksoper (they have operas, ballet and musicals). If you fancy going to the real Viennese Opera without spending a dime, it is your lucky day. In summer they usually broadcast they performances at the square right in front of the Opera!

Another very cheap way to spend a nice and relaxing day in Vienna is taking a walk. There are numerous lovely parks in this city, it is amazing. My favourite places are the parks surrounding the castle Schönbrunn and the castle Belvedere. Admission to those is free and both of them are rather large so you can spent quite some time walking. Both of them also have some amazing monuments within the parks!
Furthermore, I love to go the Donauinsel (especially in summer). Right next to the river Danube you have many restaurants and bars, a skatepark, places to swim and also some space to simply lie in the sun. As soon as it gets warm enough I usually grab my books and study there!

Of course Vienna offers you the usual choice of cinemas you get everywhere but there are also some gems! Located close to the University you can find the Votiv-Cinema. I love the independent flair it has and the choice of movies they show. The also show many films in original language with subtitles (including English, French and Italian).
The Hayden Cinema along the Maria Hilfer Street offers a similar program.

Going out:
To be honest, I don’t go out very often so my tips on this matter are a bit limited.However, I can recommend The Loft, a really cool place that often hosts concerts, movie screenings and more fun stuff.
If you like to discover new talents, you should check out the open mic events many places host once a month. You are in no way obliged to perform anything yourself but you get to see many great people (for free!)

To conclude this post I want to recommend some amazing free events Vienna has to offer:

  • In autumn I always go to the Marché des Creatures. It’s a fair with French flair where you can get a lot of hand-made stuff and delicious food.
  • Last weekend a rather new event took place. Wien leuchtet (Vienna is illuminated) is a very cool and modern event with takes place just outside the Kusthistorisches Museum and the Naturhistorisches Museum. Different art design are projected onto the buildings and there is also some video mapping going on. Super impressive!
  • If you happen to be in Vienna around Christmas you need to check out the traditional Christkindl-Märkte. Those christmas markets offer great food and drink and also really cute stuff you can buy. The atmosphere is the perfect thing to get in the groove for Christmas. Vienna has tons of those markets to offer, and I definitely recommend check out several of them!
  • Another cool and free event in Vienna is the Donauinselfest. It’s a music and cultural festival at the end of June with many famous artists performing.

I hope my tips for Vienna on a budget are helpful! What’s your best tip? Let me know in the comments!







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