Halloween Horror: Trick r Treat (Movie Mania)

Hey Guys!
Today’s post has been sitting on my blog-wait-list for quite some time. Somehow I never got around to writing this review. However, talking about more recent horror films  in my last posts, I definitely need to mention Trick R Treat!


The Plot:
This film doesn’t have a continuous plot but rather  a bunch of different stories loosely connected. There is for example a costume party that takes a most unexpected turn and a massacre in a school bus. The ongoing theme in this film is a set of Halloween customs.
So, if you want to survive Halloween, you are advised to follow five simple rules:

  1. Wear a costume.
  2. Hand out sweets.
  3. Never blow out a jack-o-lantern.
  4. Always check on your sweets.
  5. Never walk alone.


The Rating:
Trick or Treat is a  refreshing take on Halloween. By now almost everything imaginable has been done before. But by picking up different stuff and only turning it into short stories, Trick or Treat manages never to get dull, boring or a big cliché.
I love the fact that although all the stories are different they are still somehow connected.
The soundtrack was really atmospheric and fitted the film perfectly. The actors are also very well-chosen and I’m sure you will recognize some faces!
Trick or Treat is your ideal horror flick. It’s fast paced, is gore-y with a lot of blood, and still makes you laugh several times. The episodes are original and I’m you will find at least one that really scares you!

So summing up, Trick or Treat is your go to movie for  a frightening evening!


Did you watch the movie? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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