Halloween Horror: Top 4 Scary TV Shows

Hello Guys!
Halloween is getting closer, and I’m busy watching horror movies. If you have some more time at hand I have some awesome TV shows that will get you in the groove for Halloween. Be prepared to get scared!


#1 Ash vs Evil Dead:
This show is actually my most recent discovery. All of you who know the original Evil Dead series will love this show. Ash is back and still kicking. It is just as funny, weird and gore-y as the movies are!


#2 American Horror Story:
If you want to get scared, AHS is your show. The best thing is that you can find something for everybody as each season has a different theme. From a murder house, to an asylum, a coven, a freak show, a hotel and a Roanoke nightmare. You get it all with Hollywood’s finest actors on top!


#3 Bates Motel:
This is a show I still have to catch up with. I’ve only watched the first season but can’t wait to get started with 2 – 4. At first you get a Hitchcock-y vibe but the show is really intense and very unique. Sent shivers down my spine!


#4 Stranger Things:
You guys already know it, I love Stranger things. There is no way no to binge watch. It brings back all of your favourite 80’s movies while still bringing on something fresh. It’s super exciting and thrilling to follow three boys trying to get their best friend back after something very dark took him.


What’s you favourite scary TV show? Let me know in the comments!


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