Halloween Horror: It Follows (Movie Mania)

Hey guys!
To continue my series of Halloween  posts, I recently watched a rather weird supernatural horror movie named It Follows. This 2014 film had been on my list for quite some time, but was it really worth checking out?


The Plot:
It Follows is basically about some supernatural entity that follows and kills you after sex. The only way to escape is to have sex with someone else. This way the entity is passed on and pursues the next one. Sounds weird? Believe me, it is.


The Rating:
I won’t beat around the bush, the movie was pretty awful. While the story itself might sound promising, the way it was executed it didn’t work out at all. All 100 minutes of this film annoyed me.
First of all, there was almost no cliché they didn’t pick up. Not in a funny way or on purpose. It just didn’t have anything original about it. The actors, the set, the filming… I don’t exactly know what it is but the whole thing just had a cheap atmosphere. Again I had the feeling that not much effort was put into the thing. Even the actors seemed a bit bored throughout most of the film.
Moreover, the whole IT follows thing was just weird and didn’t make too much sense. I know in horror movies you mostly deal with made up stuff but if you give it a chance it usually works out. Well, in this case it doesn’t. Not for one second did it convey the feeling that something real or true might be in it. I don’t know if the entity was supposed to be a metaphor more something but the way that thing was depicted the completely killed any deeper meaning you might have interpreted otherwise.
Here comes the worst part: it was not scary or frightening. At all. I can live with a horror movie looking cheap, not having the best actors, or maybe bringing up a cliché or two. However, what I can’t accept is a horror film that is zero frightening. There were almost no gore-y scenes. I guess they wanted to operate on a psychological level instead but completely failed.

To sum up I can only say don’t watch this film. It’s just really bad. Nothing original or even scary about it!


Did you watch It Follows? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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