Halloween Horror: Frankenweenie (Movie Mania)

Hey Guys!
It’s already October. Do you know what that means? Almost time for Halloween!
To honor that I decided to dedicate  October to horror movies. As I spent last year talking about some of my favourites concerning the older films, I will check out the more recent stuff for this year!
To kick off my Halloween Horror series I chose Frankenweenie, Tim Burton’s stop motion movie!


The Plot:
Victor is a somber kid. The only friend he has is his dog Sparky. They are inseparable. But then something tragic happens: the dog is hit by a car. Victor is devastated but being a little scientist he is determined to bring his pet back to life. However, his efforts do not go unnoticed…


The Rating:
This movie has Tim Burton written all over it. From the first moment on there is no way mistaking it. Frankenweenie neatly blends in with Burton other works like Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride.
What I always enjoyed about Burton’s works is that you can see that his heart is in it. A lot of effort was put into it to make the film we get to watch and it really shows. I absolutely adored all the weird little characters and animals they had put together for Frankenweenie.
The positive stuff first: It’s a cute little film that make you smile several times. Not just because of some funny lines but also because the homage it pays to old movies like Frankenstein. The soundtrack is on spot. Having the entire thing in Black/White also adds a lot to the atmosphere of the movie and gives it just the right touch.
However, there are also some negative aspects. As I mentioned before, Frankenweenie is rather similar to Burton’s other stop-motion works. I read theories how all those movies actually tell the story of Victor throughout his life. Still, some things seem redundant, not too original. You’ve seen stuff like it before. Apart from Frankenweenie being very much alike the other Burton stuff, I also have to admit that the first half of the movie didn’t bring any surprises. The plot was rather predictable and left me bored before it finally gained some pace in the latter half. Although the film made me smile several times, it never really had me laughing.
Anyways, I’m prepared to forgive Tim Burton as Frankenweenie was a far better job than his latest real life movies!

So, if you love Burton’s work a lot or this is actually your first Tim Burton stop-motion movie, I’m sure that you’ll like it. It’s a cute little film, you may need to overlook some flaws and ignore redundancies but you’ll end up having a good time with it!


Did you watch Frankenweenie? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!


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