Movie Mania: Ice Age – Collison Course (Ice Age 5)

Hello lovely readers!
For today’s movie I channeled my inner child. I always love a good animated film (some people might even call me a little childish *cough cough*…). So last weekend I finally checked out the 5th installment of the Ice Age movies, I’ve been watching ever since the first one came out.


The Plot:
Pretty much what we are already used to: Our fluffy little heroes are faced with extinction. This time it’s a meteor that’s about to hit earth, caused by Scrat on his eternal hunt for his acorn…


The Rating:
Let’s face it: Ice Age has had its peak a long time ago. I’m not too fond of the 4th movie so I went into this one with mixed feelings.
Well, I also left with mixed feelings.
The story is absolutely not original. We’ve dealt with the extinction thing before. I am aware that the choice of subject may be a bit limited but if they can’t come up with anything new, the shouldn’t make another movie. Moreover, the whole thing was told rather half-heartedly and it felt like nobody had put much effort in it. That’s not only true for the story itself but also for the new characters. What we get to begin with is rather uninteresting. Of course all of the characters we know from previous films get to return, but honestly, that’s not enough to hold the movie together. New and actually funny characters are only introduces about 3/4 through the film.
However, granted: there were some really hilarious jokes. I laughed a good deal throughout the movie but I’m not quite sure that kids (whom Ice Age is obviously aimed at) would get most of them. I mean, do you know what an Advocatus Diaboli is?
So, what also annoyed me a fair deal is Scrat. The whole running gag with him getting his damn nut is completely sucked dry. I really didn’t help that they put them in a space ship. For me it just seemed like the easiest way to justify the meteor and some other stuff without having to make any effort to come up with an explanation.

Summing up I have to say that Ice Age: Collision Course may have its funny moments, but it is not original at all. If you are looking for a quick laugh, this movie is for you, but don’t expect too much!


Did you watch the movie? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!


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