Movie Mania: The Magnificent 7 (2016)

Hey guys!
Yesterday I had an awesome movie night with my friends. We headed to the cinema to check out The Magnificent 7, a remake of the 1960’s cult film (that I have yet to watch).
After a bit of discussion and reflection on the movie, I’m ready to share my thoughts with you!


The Plot:
Bartholomew Bogue is our typical villain for this western. He basically wants to annex the town Rose Creek in order to build gold mines in the area. The townsfolk are frightened but one woman heads out to seek help. She returns with the Magnificent 7 to win back her home…


The Rating:
Well, I guess the best way to describe this movie is as a flick that wanted to be a Tarantino film but is none. After The Hateful 8 and Django Unchained had been super successful, it was pretty obvious that they tried hard to create something similar.
That’s what really irritated me. In some points it resembled Tarantino’s style, but they never quite made it. Even the cast was a kind of similar. There were some funny bits, some weird stuff and a lot of shooting and explosions. However, it just doesn’t come together that well. While it all makes a perfectly round pictures when Tarantino puts on his show, in The Magnificent 7 things seemed a bit off at times.
Apart from that, the movie is hell of a ride. As it always is with westerns, don’t expect too much elaborate stuff, and just have fun with it! If you stick with that, I guarantee that you’ll enjoy The Magnificent 7. The soundtrack was nice, the special effects were on points, and it had some really good laughs.

Summing up, I have to say that it is a decent movie, a typical western. It is not as good as other films in this genre that hit the cinemas in the last years. But if you are prepared to overlook some of the smaller weaknesses, you’ll end up having lots of fun with this one!


Did you watch the movie? Let me know what you think!


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