Book vs. Movie: Stephen King’s It

Hello my lovely readers!
A few days ago I shared my thoughts on the novel It by Stephen King. Well, I finally found the time to check out the movie as well. The film was released in 1990 and consists of two parts, with a total length of 180 minutes. Is it really worth investing 3 hours of your life?
By the way, I recently found out that a new It movie is to hit the cinemas next year! Who’s excited? 😀



The Plot:
1960 in Derry, somewhere in Maine: 6 children you could call losers meet each other under very unlikely circumstances and become the best friends anyone could ever wish for. But the summer of their lives is overshadowed by a tragedy, or better said a monster that has been haunting Derry for a long time. Kids disappear or are found dead. Our 6 friends soon get to the core of things and have to deal with more than any kid ever should.
However, 30 years later it is time for them to reunite and finish what they started in the summer of 1960…


Book vs. Movie:
Stephen King’s novel is intense. I share a bit of hate/love with his novel as they may not be too well written (I guess some people would consider them trashy…) but are nevertheless thrilling, breath-taking and get under your skin. I’ve read several of King’s books by now and It is definitely one of the most fucked up ones.
The characters are very relatable. I’m sure everyone who ever was bullied or mistreated at some point in life can see him- or herself in at least one of the characters. The way King told the story, alternating between childhood flashbacks and present day events made the novel even more fascinating.
So, let’s move on the adaptation. I know there are some pretty goog movies out there that are based on King’s novels, but this is not one of them. From the first moment on something just didn’t feel right.
The cast wasn’t really on spot, some of the actors didn’t so much fit their roles. However, I was prepared to overlook that but they way the characters were depicted annoyed me in some points. Not only did they stray from the novel, it also didn’t really match throughout the movie.
Moreover, the thing the film was lacking most is intensity. While the novel was thrilling and impossible to put down, the adaptation was boring and most definitely not frightening. The “scary” scenes were either far over the top, not well made or very computer-y looking. Instead of making my skin crawl, the film had me rolling my eyes…
Of course there were also some plot changes that completely killed the movie for me. First of all, the ended up not making any sense with a bunch of stuff and additionally took out anything that have captured your attention.

So summing up I have to say that the adaptation is simply boring. To be honest, I would skip this one. The novel is absolutely thrilling and worth read, but be prepared, you need a strong stomach!
In my opinion, the best way to deal with Stephen King’s it would be turning it into a series. However, I’m looking forward to the new adaptation coming out next year. Maybe they did a better job!


Did you watch the movie? Read the book? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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4 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: Stephen King’s It

  1. I just saw the new movie, it was a terrible adaptation of the book…if I hadn’t been with a friend I would have walked out. They didn’t even attempt to follow the book.


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