3 Thoughts on Ash vs. Evil Dead

Hello my lovely readers!
Did you know that there is a show out there named Ash vs. Evil Dead, a spin-off to the Evil Dead movie series, starring Bruce Campbell in the leading role?
Well, I only found out about its existence a week ago. You can probably guess how super stoked I was! But is the show even worth watching?


Thought #1 – OMG an Evil Dead sequel!
The Evil Dead series has always been of my favorite horror movies. Believe me when I say there is nothing like it. It is so super hilarious! Well, the films came out in the 80’s so I never even toyed with the idea of a sequel.
When I read about the whole thing I didn’t even know what to expect. But the fact that Bruce Campbell (now stunning 58 years old) would return to his role as Ash was enough to leave me bonkers!


Thought #2 – Hilarious!
What I love so much about the movies was that nothing was taken too seriously. That’s what made it so funny!
Fortunately the show returns to that roots. It has the same almost questionable sense of humor that I consider hilarious. The moment Bruce Campbell aka Ash said “Groovy”, I was in love!


Thought #3 – The Soundtrack!
A show always score some extra points with me if it has a really good soundtrack. In the case of Ash vs. Evil Dead I actually ended up on youtube searching for all those amazing tunes!



Did you watch the show? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “3 Thoughts on Ash vs. Evil Dead

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