4 Amazing TV Shows that will return this Fall!

Summer may be over soon, and although I will miss it, there is one truly great thing about fall: My favorite TV shows returning for another season. I’m already super excited, I hope you are too!


2 Broke Girls:
The first two episodes of season 6 will air on 10th October. I’ve love the story of two very unlikely girls becoming friends and business partners from the very start. There’s a bit of me in both of the main characters and I constantly sway in my decision whom I resemble more.
And cupcakes are always a good idea 😉


American Horror Story:
This show actually returns today, also with season 6. After #5 started out really impressive but began to weaken throughout the season, I can’t wait to find out what they will come up with now. I don’t even know what this season main theme will be and I honestly have no clue.
Get ready to be frightened!


Bob’s Burgers:
My most beloved animated show returns already for season 7! Those of you who read my blog regularly will know by know that Louise is totally my spirit animal!
After I read some info on episode 1 (Louise has some Wizard of Oz dream featuring her Kuchi Kopi night light…) I’ve been super excited. 25th September can’t be here soon enough!


Rick and Morty:
As we are already in the animation department, let’s talk about Rick and Morty. I’d describe this weird show as the American comic version of Doctor Who on Crack. It is really stupid, weird and very hilarious.
Unfortunately there is no date set so far, but season 3 is supposed to come out at some later point in 2016.


Bonus: Ash vs. Evil Dead:
While I was catching up with a list of the shows that will return, I came across Ash vs. Evil Dead. I haven’t watch this one yet but after reading about it, I am certain that it has to be perfect. This is already season #2 of Bruce Campbell returning to his role as Ash, whom we already know and love from the Evil Dead movie. I can’t even imagine how hilarious this show has to be, I will definitely check it out as soon as I get a chance!

What’s your favorite show returning this fall? Let me know in the comments!

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