Movie Mania: Drive

Hey Guys!

Today’s movie is one everybody got really excited about when it came out. However, sometimes I’m a bit slow and it wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally watched Drive.
Thanks to my friends for a great movie night 😉



The Plot:
Ryan Gosling plays the (anti-) hero in this film. Our unnamed protagonist works repairing cars and from time to time a stunt double. Well, in his leisure time he also likes to drive around criminals…
Life is good until he falls for his neighbor Irene. When her husband gets out of jail he tries to help, but then shit hits the fan…


The Rating:
First all, let me explain to you that this is not your usual kind of movie. Drive is not a fast-paced action film or a romantic chick-flick. So before you watch the film you should keep in mind to simply let yourself sink into it to fully enjoy!
So, one of the weird things is that you don’t get much talk. Especially not from the main character portrayed by Ryan Gosling. That means you get a bit of a mysterious atmosphere throughout the entire story.
What adds to the feeling is the amazing use of light and shadow to emphasis little changes in a character. The way the let colors work is also quite impressive. Keep your eyes open and you’ll notice what I mean.
However, I’m not really a fan of Carey Mulligan so I just couldn’t bond with her character. To be honest, that did annoy me a little and I felt like I couldn’t get the maximum enjoyment out of the film.

So if you allow yourself to simply sink into the atmosphere I’m sure you’ll like this movie. It’s so different from everything else you definitely need to give it a try.


Did you check out Drive? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!



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