Book Review: Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore

Hey Guys!

A few weeks ago I introduced a very cool novel I stumbled upon: A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. The first installment of the Grim Reaper series was so funny and clever, I immediately headed out to grab the second part Secondhand Souls. But is it any good?


The Plot:
Charlie Asher is dead. Well, technically his body is dead, Charlie himself not so much. His buddhist girlfriend transferred his soul to … I don’t want to scare you here so I’ll just say to another vessel. How ever when ghosts begin talking to a guy on the Golden Gate Bridge and a new Death is in town Charlie has to hurry to find another body before it’s too late…


The Rating:
As you know, I was delighted by A Dirty Job. I found the book completely by surprise and didn’t expect it to be that hilarious and clever at the same time.
So when I began reading Secondhand Souls, it had to live up to some pretty high standards. Christopher Moore didn’t let me down. I loved the fact that Sophie returned. This child is super bad-ass. Furthermore, he also introduced some new aspect that left me scrolling through Wikipedia for hours. The story is thrilling, funny and exciting.
However, the ending was a bit abrupt. The whole plot took it’s time to build up and leave you longing for more but then the ending was just a bit too fast. The climax was handled in a rather short chapter and I was a bit disappointed. No really big fight or anything. For it just wasn’t satisfying. I simply had expected far more.
Nevertheless it is a really funny and enjoyable book. I am prepared to simply ignore that little flaw for the novel is otherwise great!


Did you read and book by Christopher Moore? Let me know in the comments!

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