3 Thoughts on Doctor Who Season 9

Hey guys!
I’m currently trying to catch up with all the shows I neglected in the last year. So today I want to talk about Season 9 of Doctor Who. Although I wasn’t too fond of Season 8 I decided to give the whole thing another shot!


Thought #1 – Clara:
While I was watching Season 8 something was bothering me. By now I’m pretty sure that it’s Clara I can’t warm up to. Before I started with Season 9 I was aware that it would be the last one with Clara as companion. Therefore she wasn’t too present in the final episodes and I have to say those felt far more intense. Hopefully Doctor Who will go back to being one of my favourite shows after Clara is gone.


Thought #2 – Maisie Williams!!!:
For those of you who like Game of Thrones, get ready to be super excited! Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark had a special guest appearance in a bunch of episodes. Her character was super impressive and changed so much throughout the few episodes. Williams once again proved what a great actress she is. Those episodes are a total recommendation, check them out, even if you usually don’t like Doctor Who.


Thought #3 – The Doctor:
Well, I also had a difficult time adjusting to Peter Capaldi as new Doctor but in this season  he became really cool. In the first half of the season he actually returned to his old ways  and was a bit goofy and funny – just the way I like my Doctor. However, in the last few episodes things got really deep and intense. It’s always great when we get to find out more about the Doctor himself and Gallifrey!

So guys, I have to say that after season 8 was a big disappointment to me, I refreshed my love for Doctor Who with season 9!


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