4 Thoughts on Orange is the new Black Season 4

Hello my lovely readers!
So, it’s been a little over a month since the latest season of OITNB hit Netflix. Well, I binge-watched the whole thing but never found the time to share my thoughts with you. That has to change, so here we go!


Thought #1 – Piper:
Over the course of the last three seasons, Piper has been growing less interesting for me with every episode. Although she’s actually supposed to be the main character, everybody else seems to have more depth than her. Especially during the first few episodes of season four, Piper became almost ridiculous. However, just when I wrote her off, shit hit the fan and, guess what, she may be interesting after all! I’m really excited to find out more.


Thought #2 – The Supporting Cast:
As I mentioned, Piper isn’t the most convincing main attraction. But OITNB really manages create such fascinating side characters that it’s no problem. I enjoy those episodes most where we get to know other characters and learn about their past. Those story are often heart-breaking, especially Susanne’s really got under my skin.
But not only the plotlines are amazing, the actresses and actors themselves impress me deeply each time!


Thought #3 – The Whole Frame:
Another point I really appreciate about OITNB is that nothing is black and white. There are different sides to everything, and I feel like they got pretty much all of them covered. It’s not only the characters in the prison who get stories and depth, also the staff and whatever is going on outside has an influence on the story. I really appreciate that they also made an effort to give the staff backstories as well!


Thought #4 – The Finale:
After watching the last episode I was so done. They completely ripped my heart out and tore it to pieces. I thought the Hodor thing in the last GOT season was bad, but this one was really nerve shaking. Keep your handkerchiefs ready for this finale!

Did you watch season 4? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “4 Thoughts on Orange is the new Black Season 4

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