4 Thought on Orphan Black Season 4

Hello Folks!

Well, Season 4 of the fascinating story of clones concluded a few weeks ago and finally I found the time to catch up! I was pretty excited about this but did it really fulfill my expectations?


Thought #1 – The Clones:
It’s just super impressive, when they introduce some new clone-characters and Tatiana Maslany gets to show off her acting skills. Portraying one character convincingly is hard enough but Maslany pulls off  so many different characters at once I have no idea how she does that.
I just love how versatile the clones are. You never know what to expect next!


Thought #2 – The Science:
This one is both fascinating and scary. First of all, the stuff they introduce seems super convincingly and not being a scientist, I have no idea how close to reality it is. Anyway, as creepy as some of the things are, thinking that science is capable of that is definitely intriguing. Each season they come up with something else and this one was especially intense.


Thought #3 – Kira:
I can tell, this one is gonna be interesting in the next season. So far, Kira (Sarah’s super sweet daughter) seems to be establishing some sort of mental link between all the clones. We don’t know much about that yet, bu I really can’t wait to find out more.
And besides: I love how her characters evolves and grows up.


Thought #4 – The Cliffhanger:
The last episodes of season 4 was intense. I don’t want to add any spoilers but the cliffhanger they ended it with is really super mean. I don’t want to wait another year to find out what happens next!


So, Season 4 of Orphan Black was hell of ride and I’m excited to the clone club to come back next year!


Did you watch this season? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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