5 Random Thoughts on Breaking Bad

After I recently checked out Better Call Saul, I decided to re-watch Breaking Bad, one of the best shows of all time. However, going through all those episodes again, I noticed some stuff I’d like to share with you!


#1 – The Music:
Breaking Bad is one of those shows with such an amazing soundtrack that after each episode you end up researching the internet for all the tracks. This way I already found a tone of awesome songs. But re-watching all the season I realized that they featured Fever Ray’s If I had a Heart. Well, I spent all 4 seasons of Vikings wondering where I had heard that song…


#2 – The Character Development:
I can’t believe how much each single one of the characters changed throughout the seasons. It’s deeply impressive that it all seems very credible and not a single one of the characters is a cliché. You’ll end up marvelling at characters you never even like just because they came such a long way!


#3 – The Colors:
Another thing the creators of Breaking Bad excel at is the use of colors. Apart from the obvious blue meth they also made an effort to use colors to project meaning.
Sometimes a character is even assigned a certain color. Did you notice for example that Marie always wears something purple?


#4 – Bryan Cranston:
I remember that before I watched my first episode of Breaking Bad a few years ago I was a bit anxious. So far had only known Bryan Cranston in his role as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. I expected that I would have difficulties adjusting to him in a different role. But from the first episode he blew my mind so completely that I was like “Malcolm who?” Walter White is just his role. Cranston impressed me more with every episode.


#5 – It all makes Sense:
This one might sound a little bit weird. I often wondered why Breaking Bad is just so good. There has to be a reason that it’s almost universally seen as one of the best shows ever.
However, while I did some reading for university, I went through a text written by Aristotle about what makes a great play. I was surprised to see that everything he mentions applies to Breaking Bad! Now I know why it is so successful 😉


Did you watch Breaking Bad? Let me know in the comments what you think!


3 thoughts on “5 Random Thoughts on Breaking Bad

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