Movie Mania: Safety Not Guarantueed

Hello Folks!

Today I want to present a little gem of a movie I recently stumbled onto. While watching TV I discovered “Safety not Guaranteed”, an independent film about time travel.


The Plot:
Darius is doing an internship for a magazine and sees her chance to finally make a step up, when she and two co-workers set out to investigate for an interesting story. A guy put an ad in the newspaper looking for a time travel companion.  Is the guy made or can this sci-fi stuff be real?


The Rating:
To be honest, this film really surprised me. It’s definitely not what you expect when you hear time travel. Actually, this film stops where you regular sci-fi film begins. So after I overcame my irritation I really let the movie sink in.
Aubrey Plaza does a splendid job in her role and is very credible.
Basically, Safety not Guaranteed is you usual indie flick, but with a twist in the end. It was also surprised to find so many familiar faces in the cast that played many bigger roles afterward. Another sign that shows how great this one is.

I can’t really say what it is about that movie that makes it so interesting and different. But believe me, this little film is a gem!

Have you seen the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!


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