3 Reasons to Watch Better Call Saul

Hello my lovely readers!

I didn’t do a TV show post in quite some time. Shame on me! However, it’s time to present a really awesome show. Those of you who watched Breaking Bad will know him: Saul Goodman. This guy was so popular, the character portrayed by Bob Odenkirk got his own show. And believe me, it really paid of.


Reason #1 – Saul’s Jokes:
Maybe it’s just me but consider his inappropriate sense of humour absolutely hilarious. The hope of getting some more of his sarcastic comments is reason alone to check out Better Call Saul.


Reason #2 – Mike:
Another character we know from Breaking Bad. Well, there obviously is a past to Mike and Saul, and I really wanted to find out about that. How did they meet? I’m super curious!


Reason #3 – A guy like Saul a lawyer?:
Well, Saul Goodman is not really your typical lawyer. What one earth happened to give a guy like him the idea to study law? I’m sure he had a life before becoming a lawyer and I want to know about that.


Do you watch Better Call Saul? What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Watch Better Call Saul

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