Book Review: Looking For Alaska by John Green

Hello Folks!

Today I’m gonna ramble about a book I read quite some time ago. For some reason I completely forgot to do a review!
Well, after I also wrote about a bunch of other John Green novels, I don’t want to withhold my opinion on this one!


The Plot:
Miles is about to begin his new life at boarding school. During his first days there he runs into Alaska, a remarkable girl who will make a big impression on him. They become friends, have some adventures together, but it wouldn’t be a John Green book without a little tragedy, would it?


The Rating:
Well, well. After reading The Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns I was very torn on my opinion about John Green. I loved one book but hated the other. Anyway, I figured he deserves another chance and I heard so many great things about Looking for Alaska.
But, yes here comes the big but, unfortunately this novel took more after Paper Towns than after The Fault in our Stars. Basically that means we get a female lead character that is supposed to be strong, independent and impressive. However, you end up getting nothing about annoyed with those girls. It was not quite as bad as Paper Towns, but after about one third of the book you could already see where Alaska was heading, and I didn’t make her any more relatable. To be honest, the entire story was rather obvious and it was clear how the whole thing would end about halfway through the book.
John Green just didn’t manage to create characters that you can really bond with. There was actually no one in this book it could really relate to. Some bits of the story were rather funny but most of time the humor seemed either forced or like a cliché.

I’m so disappointed to say that Looking for Alaska was a great disappointment for me. The characters are annoying, the story is very obvious and the book contains tons of clichés.

Did you read the novel? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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