5 Thoughts on Doctor Who Season 1 (1963)

Hey guys!

As my regular readers will know by now, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. But as I am (unfortunately) not too fond of the latest Doctor and most certainly not of his companion either, I decided to go back to the roots.
The first Season of Doctor Who aired in 1963, time to check it out!


Thought #1:
I love how grumpy the Doctor is. It’s really interesting to see how much his personality has changed within all those years, the many season, and the different actors.
Even the story mode has changed as originally one story consisted of about 4 episodes and basically was an entire movie split up.


Thought #2:
It’s really impressive how good the special effects look taking into account what kind of technology they had at hand in the 60’s. We don’t get too many Aliens or creepy monsters (except for the Daleks but I’ll get to that soon), but just how they made the TARDIS is super cool.


Thought #3:
Doctor Who originally contained far more history related episodes than the recent season have. This may have to do with the special effects being easier when you have to do a caveman than for an Alien. Anyway I absolutely love this kind of episodes and they are always my favourites even in the newer seasons.


Thought #4:
Daleks! The Daleks make their first appearance in the second story. And as far as I know they made quite an impression on the British people at that time. By now those evil metal dudes are definitely cult!


Thought #5:
The lost episodes. I will never forgive the BBC for simply throwing away so many Doctor Who episodes. For those of you who don’t know: Once upon a time it was common practice to kick out old episodes for storage reason (many different shows were affected by that). However, quite a bunch was recovered over the years but, there are still many episodes missing and most likely lost forever. I would have loved to see the Marco Polo story of the first season.


Did you watch the first ever episodes of Doctor Who? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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