4 Thoughts on Whitechapel Season 1

Hey guys!

I recently checked out a TV Show named Whitechapel. First of all, let me say I completely confused this one with Ripper Street and was actually a bit startled when I watched the first episode. However, soon before long this story about a guy recreating Jack the Ripper’s famous kills had me hooked!


Thought #1:
There’s plenty of stuff out there about Jack the Ripper and I think it’s rather unique that they really tried to give the whole thing a new flair. Although you currently get relations to the historical murders, the show is still very surprising.


Thought #2:
It’s only four episodes long. I’m yet sure whether that’s good or bad. They managed to squeeze everything into those episodes and I’m convinced that some bits (especially the Ripper expert) would become boring if it were 12 episodes. But I also feel like some parts would have deserved more time to unfold and become clear. I mean we are talking about a serial killer, it should take time to depict his crimes and catch the killer.


Thought #3:
I was a bit disappointed as some of the characters were a pretty big cliché. For example that tough cop that actually has a good heart and eventually comes through. You get such a guy in every cop story every made. I would have hoped for a more original take on the whole police thing.


Thought #4:
The end really confused me. Let me just say the closer it all got to revealing the killer, some stuff that felt very random came up. When we finally got to see who did it I wasn’t really surprised but only irritated.


Did you watch Whitechapel? What do you think about the show? Let me know in the comments!


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