Movie Mania: The Bling Ring

First movie review in ages!

Recently I’ve been very caught up in checking out TV shows but I finally found some time to catch up with my movie to-watch list. One film that was waiting right at the top is The Bling Ring starring fabulous Emma Watson. But is it really that good?


The Plot:
The story is very simple: Some kids break into the homes of celebrities while they are away. For some time they enjoy the jet set life but sooner or later they are bound to be discovered…


The Rating:
Let me just say, I was very excited about his film.
However, I ended up disappointed. While I do understand that the movie is supposed to reflect the shallow lifestyle those kids lead, in this case it actually went to a point where it simply turned annoying. There characters had zero depth at all, thus none of them were relatable and you ended up wishing for this thing to be over.
The movie kind of feels like an over long music video. It’s flashy, bright, shining. This may work for something that is 5 minutes long but for a film it rather tedious. I get that Sofia Coppola wanted to underlining the whole lifestyle but it simply was too much. The movie simply lacks substance.
Unfortunately it’s also not funny and entertaining enough to be one of those easy going film you wouldn’t expect anything from except for a good time and relaxing.

Summing up I have to say that The Bling Ring is a movie you can skip. Not entertaining or funny, not smart or deep. For me this film was nothing but super annoying. Not even Emma Watson can save this one!


Did you watch the film? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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