Book Review: The Tiger in the Well by Philip Pullman (Sally Lockhart #3)

Hey Guys!

As my regular readers will know, I am currently making my way through Philip Pullman’s famous Sally Lockhart quartet. The first two installments were awesome and I am very much in love with the adaptations. Although the BBC stopped after part two, I still hope that someday we’ll also get adaptations for The Tiger in the Well and The Tin Princess.
Anyway, here are some thoughts on #3, The Tiger in the Well!


The Plot:
Life is well. Sally is happy. She has her business, her house and most importantly: her daughter Harriett. Everything seems to be perfect until one day Sally is informed that her husband is filing for divorce and wants custody of his child. The problem here? Sally is not and was never married, and Harriett’s father died in a father before she was born…


The Rating:
Philip Pullman really knows how to pull you into a story! I could hardly put the book, it was so thrilling. Although he takes a long time building up the story you never get bored. (I sometimes got annoyed, because I wanted to know so badly what would happen next…)
Furthermore, you will be surprised several throughout the books. Pullman has a way of weaving his story that makes them hard to see through. Although I figured most of the stuff out before Sally did in the book, it took me almost to the end.
Well, let me be honest, the book isn’t perfect. Some aspects seem a bit arbitrary but I’m willing to forgive him.
I just love how Pullman can mix dark scenes with something that will make you smile in the end. The Tiger in the Well is not only thrilling, dark and exciting, it is also hilarious at times!
Throughout the entire novel I couldn’t help but think how extremely wonderful Billie Piper would be in this story. I’m still hoping the BBC will someday continue!

Please go ahead and check this series out. I promise you, it’s rather brilliant. As before, Pullman didn’t let me down with The Tiger in the Well!


What do you think? Seen the film? Read the book? Let me know in the comments!

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