The BFF TV Series Tag

Welcome to another round of my spiced up Tags!
There are so many book Tags floating around I decided to do them for movies and TV shows instead. So today I bring you the BFF TV Series Tag!

1. Setting the example: a pair/group of bff’s that you love?

Finn and Jake from Adventure Time! There simply the best BFFs I ever laid eyes on. So much fun, yet always there for each other no matter what.


2. Childhood bestie: which character would you have like to grow up with? 

Louise Belcher! This girl is my spirit animal. What would be better than growing up with the most bad-ass kid in town?


3. Frenemy: which movie character would bring out your competitive side?

Arya from Game of Thrones. I love her character but I’m sure we would always try to beat each other be it in sword fighting or anything else. We’d be too much alike.


4. Fashion guru: who would be the bestie whose closet you’d want to raid or would you want to go on a shopping spree with?

Sarah Mannings from Orphan Black. She has totally my style. Funny side fact: At some point in Orphan Black someone said to her “Why do you dress like a punk rock slut?” That really pissed me off because when I was looking down at myself I realised that my clothes were almost identical with hers!


5. The bad influence: which character would you want to commit a small act of rebellion with? (go skinny dipping, sneak into a movie, have a drag race with, etc.)

The Doctor from Doctor Who. Any one of them. He seems so much fun to hang out with and obviously you can on any kind of adventure with him. So beside all the big acts of rebellion he usually commits, why not go for a small one 😉


6. Blood brothers: which character would you want to be your surrogate sister?

Maybe a weird choice, but I’ll go with Wednesday Addams. When I was in elementary school someone even said I’m like her. I’m certain we would have had a lot of fun growing up together.


7. Mother hen: which character would you want to be by your side when you’re having a bad day to cheer you up?

Tessa from Suburgatory! She completely gets my sarcasm and I’m certain that her attitude would cheer me up.


8.The counselor: which character would you go to for relationship advice (or)confide a secret to?

I guess I’ll choose Angela from My So-Called Life. She was the only TV teen I could ever really relate to and recognise my life in hers. So she’d be the perfect person to discuss all kinds of secrets because she would understand.


9. More than friends: who would be your TV show bf?

Agent Dale Cooper! He’s simply the first guy that came to my mind but I think he is brilliant in many different ways. The most important thing for me: he’d be extremely interesting to talk with, I already know the conversations would be intriguing.

Over to you! Which TV shows would you choose? Let me know in the comments – or even better, write a post! I’d love to read it!

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