Catching up with my Bucket List

Hello Folks!
This is my 300th posts on ThePunkTheory! In honor of this I wanted to go back to my roots.
So, more than three years ago I created a bucket list for a series of blog challenges.
I decided that after such a long time I should see how many things I can cross of my list!
The stuff I can cross of my list is market in bold letters with a little explanation beneath.


1 .Experience London
Done that! I went to London in 2013, after I had passed my matriculation examinations.

2. Walk on the Pier in Brighton
I did that when I went to London! We made a day trip to Brighton – it was so wonderful!
3. Go to Disneyland
4. Go to New Zealand and see where they shot Lord of the Rings
5. See the Northern Lights
6. See the Pyramids

7. Walk through the streets of Venice
We once went to Venice with school. So, I did walk through the streets but was not too impressed 😦

8. The a walk in the park surrounding Schönbrunn castle
Yes, yes, a million times yes. By now this is one of my favourite places ever. I love strolling around there.

9. Go to Lisbon and enjoy the view from Castelo de Sao Jorge
Checked that off last year. We went to Portugal did not only visit Lisbon but also some other places…

10. Check out the magical place Sintra
…like Sintra…

11. See Barcelona and go to the top of one of the mountains
…and Barcelona. So that really was a great trip!

12. Leave my continent
I actually did that when I was done with secondary modern school. We spent a week in Morocco.

13. Go to Rotterdam and eat something at the food market
Oh yes! That’s such an awesome and colorful place. We went there last year on our way to a festival (which will allow me to tick off another point of this list 😉 )

14. Experience Berlin
We once went to Berlin with commercial school, that was quite some years ago!

15. Go to Canada
16. Go to Thailand and see the temples



17. Visit the Harry Potter Museum

18. Visit the Third Man Museum
Yes! That’s a really impressive an interesting place in Vienna. Went there a few years ago with my mother.

19. Visit the History of Arts Museum
This is one of my most beloved places in Vienna. You could go there ten times and still not see all the stuff they have.

20. Visit the Livraria Lello
We went there last year when we spent some time in Portugal and I can only say this place is magical. Harry Potter feeling all the way.

21. Learn about Buddhism
I actually had a lecture on Zen Buddhism in the last winter term, so I’d consider this point as done 😉

22. See a fancy theatre play
Happened a couple of weeks ago! I went to see Romeo and Juliet at the Volkstheater. Bonus info: if you are a student and show up right before the play starts you can get super cheap but good seats. I got second row for 6 euros (usually almost 50 bucks).



23. Improve my drawing
Well, I’m still working on it, but I dare say I already made quite some progress!

24. Learn another language
I had English and French at school, and I’m currently learning a bit of Portuguese, so I consider this point checked.

25. Learn how to skate
By now I  can skate a leat a little bit. Unfortunately they tore down the skatepark just around my corner, so I’m out of practice.

26. Learn how to play pool
I made so much progress! By now I consider myself a real opponent, haha!

27. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
Yep, once you figure out how it works, it’s rather easy.

28. Learn how to Surf
Another point I can check off after my time in Portugal last year!

29. Start doing Yoga
I started doing yoga about two years ago and pratice every day. It made my life so much better you wouldn’t believe it!

30. Start Bouldering
I had gone bouldering a couple of times before but only very sporadically. However, in autumn 2015 I finally set up a training routine and no I go bouldering once a week!

31. Learn how to snowboard
Still rather clumsy on the the board but last winter I made a lot of progress! By now I know how to do my turns.

32. Learn how to do splits

33. Learn how to sew
I’m trying hard with this one. I already made a couple of garments – some of them even wearble!

34. Improve my cooking skills
You’re never done with that kind of stuff, but ever since I’m living alone I’ve been trying out tons of new recipes.

35. Improve my baking skills
Same goes for this point! I love baking and by now did some pretty fancy stuff 😉

36. Meditate
This goes more or less hand in hand with Yoga. It took my longer to get into meditation but now I wouldn’t want to miss it.



37. Have something published
Yes! A couple of years ago News, an Austrian paper, did this project for school kids to submit their articles and they made a nation wide newspaper with that.

38. Move away from home
After my matriculation examinations I decided to go to University in Vienna – and here I am almost done with my Bachelor’s degree. Only a few more months until I can also cross that off my list 😉

39. Get my Bachelor’s degree
40. Get my Master’s degree

41. Go to a festival
We went to Groezrock in 2014 and 2015. Unfortunately I couldn’t go this year although I would have loved to see Rancid perform the entire …And out come the Wolves album.

42. Watch shooting stars
We did that twice! During the last years there had been a few shooting star nights where you could spent hours gazing up at the sky.

43. Go Camping
Yes! My first time camping was when we went to a Jimmy Cliff concert in 2013!

44. Climb a moutain that’s higher than 3.000 meters
I’m so proud of myself for doing that. I was never one for going hiking but in the last years I finally stepped out of my comfort zone. The very first peak I went to was slightly higher then 3.000 meters.

45. Sleep on the mountain top
We did that last year. Climbing a mountain in the middle of the night really is an adventure and I have to say I slept better than I would have thought!

46. See the sunrise
This goes together with point 45. Believe me, there is nothing more impressive than sitting on a mountain top and watching the sun come up.

47. Read at least 10 famous book serieses

48. Go to a concert all by my own
Did that in 2014 when Frank Turner was in town. I acutally love doing stuff along, I have no idea why it took me so long to go to a concert by myself.

49. Make new friends
For many people this might not seem like a challenge. But as I mentioned before, I’d rather choose to be alone. So reaching out to people is pretty much outside of my comfort zone. However, I stepped over my shadow and made some awesome friends (especially during the last few months)

50.  Write a bucket list


Wow I just realised that I only have 11 more points to cross off my list. It’s amazing to think about all the stuff I did in the last three years, and I have to say, I’m rather proud of myself.


What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Catching up with my Bucket List

  1. Wow! You are doing amazing. The biggest thing I have had on my bucket list for the last few years is become a mother. I know that seems like an odd thing to put like that but it has been what I have been focusing on for the last few years and I can’t believe it is actually going to happen next month!

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