Grrrl Pwr: 4 Awesome Chicks in Music I currently dig (+a little announcement)

Hello everybody!

Some of you may have noticed a little change on this blog. I changed the title from Le Cinéma en Rose to ThePunkTheory, the name I usually use when I’m in the online world. You wonder why?
Well, I plan for my blog to be a bit more diverse in the future. There will be more post about music (starting with this one!) and also some personal posts. Of course I’ll also continue with books, movies and TV shows. But the name Le Cinéma en Rose simply didn’t fit anymore. So let me know in the comments what you think about it!

However, let’s get to the actual topic: awesome women that are currently rocking the music business! I recently started my little Grrrl Pwr playlist and of course I want to share my favourites with you!


Brody Dalle:
This woman is simply brilliant. I already loved her music when she was with the Distillers which is a super awesome Punk band with the most kick-ass licks. After the Distillers had split up, Brody Dalle pursued her solo career. There is project named Spinnerette under which she released an EP and an album.  After that Brody and I parted ways as I couldn’t get into the stuff she made after Spinnerette. And here comes the big but: while I was roaming the depths of Youtube I discovered some of her recent stuff. Guess what? It’s brilliant! I’ll leave you with a playlist of three songs: #1, City of Angels, is one of my favourite songs ever and dates back to her time with the Distillers; #2, Don’t mess with me, has damn nice lyrics; #3, Meet the Foetus/Oh the Joy, has a hypnotizing video and feature Shirley Manson!


Shirley Manson:
She’s the front woman of Garbage, one of my favourite Grunge bands ever. This chick simply is an icon. To me she’s inspiring in so many different ways, I of course  had to incorporate her in this list.
Once more, I’ll leave you with three songs: #1, Only happy when it rains, is my favourite Garbage song of all time, best feeling ever! #2, Girls Talk, is her super duper mega awesome duet with Brody Dalle – can’t stop listening! #3, Because the Night, is a Patti Smith cover Shirley Manson did with Screaming females – I’m simply in love with it!


Taylor Momsen:
I guess most of you will know her as an actress. You will be surprised to hear what an impressive voice this girl has. When I first saw her perform at some award show with her band The Pretty Reckless I couldn’t help but gaze at my TV in astonishment. Long story short: I love their songs, I own all their records, the style is brilliant. I’ll just leave you with my favourite song Going to Hell from the eponymous album. Bad-ass to the bone.


Marina Diamandis:
You probably never heard her last name before because this woman is famous as Marina and the Diamonds. I am aware that her style is very different from what the other women in this list produce. But over the course of some years I came to love her music. I don’t know what it is but every tune gets stuck in my head. Once more you’ll get three songs: #1, Hollywood, I’m sure you all heard this song before, it’s basically what she got famous with. #2, Teen Idle, is one of my favourites as it sums up an entire generation just perfectly. #3, Bubblegum Bitch, simply is a fun song I currently really dig!

So there you go, 4 really awesome women in music! I hope you enjoy the songs. Let me know in the comments who you would add to the list!


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