Blog Challenge: Plans and Goals for the next 30 Days

Hello folks!

Today’s post will be a bit unusual. I started out with a blog challenge some time ago but then lost interest. There hasn’t been a proper Blog Challenge post in almost two years now (shame on me!) so I figured it’s time to get back to it!
The topic I chose for today are my Goals for the next 30 Days!

(If you want to know more about this whole Blog Challenge thing, click here)


So, I’ll kick off my list of goals with the stuff I need to do for university:

  • For my Human and Computer Interaction class:
    • I need to program an App on my own
    • We also need to do a group project (also an App but much more refined) and need to do the next Milestone
  • For my two Philosophy classes:
    • I actually have a ton of reading to do. There’s the original Literature I have to go through
    • and the book accompanying one of the lectures
  • For my Historical Media and Communication Research class:
    • Finding two topics for the thesis we need to write until the end of the semester (thankfully a group project)
    • Checking out what material we have for the topics
    • Presenting the whole stuff
  • For my Public Relations class:
    • Write a press release
    • finish the class as there is only one date left (which is Saturday, 8 hours)

So finish all that stuff contributes to my huge goal, that is not set within the next thirty days but due at the end of June: Getting my Bachelor’s degree. So all these mini-goals are actually super important to me!


Let’s move on to my private life:

  • I made the decision to something cultural at least once a week, so within the next 30 days I want to
    • go to the theater at least two or three times
    • go to some museums
  • the weather is getting warm and I really need to spend more time outside
    • my goal would actually be to move my ass and take the whole stuff I need to study and find a nice place in the sun on the Donauinsel
  • I also want to improve my bouldering skills
    • bouldering once a week despite all the stuff I have to get down, so that makes 4 times bouldering in 30 days!
  • Yoga. I do a bit of Yoga everyday and maybe I’m able to nail some new poses within the next 30 days:
    • my eyes are actually set on Peacock pose
    • and Fallen angel; but I’m not sure I’ll got those done in 30 days…
    • and also very important: keep working towards finally doing the splits!
  • Keep saving money. We’re currently planning our summer holiday so I really want to save some more money. I actually do this throughout the entire year but it’s always good to keep this goal in mind.
  • Learn some more Portuguese. See point above: we want to go to Portugal in August and it would be nice to be able to communicate with people!
  • Make time to read. The public library in Vienna recently became one of my favourite places. I currently have 5 books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I should be able to finish them in 30 days 😉
  • Make some more cupcakes! cupcakelove
    • Last week I went out to by a baking tray for cupcakes and I already made some twice (delicious, right? ^_^). As I got a book with many different cupcakes recipes from my grandmother I want to find the time to try some of them!
  • Last but not least: create some more interesting blog posts! 30 days means 10 more posts, and I already have some nice ideas!


So there you go, all the stuff I really want to do within the next 30 Days! As you can see I’m pretty busy at the moment. And people always say, students don’t do anything all day long. Haha, I wish!


What are your plans for the next 30 Days? Let me know in the comments!


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