Movie Mania: Brothers of the Wind

The movie I want to talk about today is actually the most recent film I saw in theaters. Although it’s not exactly the kind I would choose to go and watch, a friend of mine was dying to check it out.
So along I went…


The Plot:
Lukas and his father live up in the mountains, a wonderful place with green grass, picturesque views and many wild animals.
But this idyll was shattered when Lukas’ mother died in a fire. Ever since that day he hasn’t said a word and his father seems more and more resentful.
Lukas’ life is about to change when he stumbles upon an eagle who was kicked out of the not by his brother. The boy decides to take care of the bird…


The Rating:
First of all, the landscapes are stunning. But what impressed me most are the scenes telling the eagle’s story. Those can easily compete with any documentary and you can clearly tell that a lot of time and money went into developing that properly.
And here comes the big but: This movie is not supposed to be a documentary. And stunning as the pictures may be, they took overhand. Thus, the actual story was pretty thin. For a huge part I felt like they only added bits with actors so that the movie could be marketed for cinemas. To be honest, I was rather annoyed by that. I mean, Tobias Moretti excels again in the role of the grumpy mountain dude (see The Dark Valley for reference!) but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t even 20 sentences in this rather long movie. But what was worst of all about the story was the inevitable reconciliation both between father and son aswell as between the boy and the bird. Both of them seemed so forced and were lacking depth.
Funny enough, when you watch the trailer it consits almost solely of scenes with actors, while in the acutal movie that’s not even the case in about 1/3 of the film.

So unfortunately I have to say that I didn’t like the movie. It was an attempt to combine documentary and entertainment but in my opinion they failed. Both types suffer from being thrust together and especially the storyline is more than thin.


Have you seen the film? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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