Music Memories Tag

The fabulous Lisi Ledbetter of Elmo Knows it all recently wrote a post about this tag. I’m absolutely in love so of course I had to do it too!

And it also reminds me to do some more music related posts in the future!


1. Your worst gig experience?

I actually once wrote a post on my three worst concert experiences and Social Distortion easily made it to #1. I have never been so disappointed of a performance. Ever.
For some reason they played really unknown songs nobody cared to hear. That was completely random, it’s not like the songs were from a recent album or anything. Mike Ness didn’t seem to care much as there was zero interaction with the crowd. I mean, he even played an encore although nobody in the entire crowd wanted one.
But you know the worst part? Mike Ness can’t even play his own songs. Before the band started a roadie put down five sheets next to Ness’ microphone. It turned out that those sheets contained lyrics and chords. Obviously he didn’t even know his more famous songs. From row #1 you could easily see how he was constantly searching the sheets for a clue how to go on. (See 0:45 in the video)

Thank you very much Mike Ness for turning my super huge excitement to nothing but a big disappointment.


2. A Music Video that blew your mind?

Most recently: Brody Dalle’s Meet The Foetus/Oh the Joy.
While I was on the train on my way back to Vienna I checked out some stuff on YouTube and stumbled upon this song. The video is so weird it completely hypnotized me!


3. Gig that made you lose your shit?

Easy to answer: The Living End. I saw them in 2013 in a super small venue in Munich and they were simply brilliant.Those guys should be filling huge concert halls! If you ever have a chance to see them perform, do so!


4. The band you wished you could join?

As I was talking of Brody Dalle before, I would have loved to join the Distillers. She’s such a badass chick and the band made the most awesome songs that really kicked ass.


5. A song that reminds you of your partner/friend!

Whatever by Ambuscade Undeclinable. Whenever this song comes on we both sing along. And it actually makes for a great duet (ignoring the fact that I can’t sing haha).


6. Best gig ever?

Frank Turner with the Ducking Punches as support. I had seen Frank before and knew he was awesome live but I was super excited to finally see the Ducking Punches. It was just perfect!


7. The last song you listened to?

I think it was Idle Teen by Marina and the Diamonds. The songs just sums up an entire generation so well.


8. A song that sums you up?

That’s a really difficult question! I think I’ll go with Bad Reputation by Joan Jett. I’ve been through quite some stuff in my life and the one thing I learned is not to give a fuck about what anybody else thinks.


9. What musical era do you wish you were around in?

70’s! So many awesome punk bands I could have seen perform. Plus the whole style and vibe of the 70’s just suits me perfectly.


10. Surprising music fact about you?

I listen to basically everything. From Rancid to Tschaikowsky, it’s all on my playlist.



I’d love to see some more people do this tag!

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