Movie Mania: Gravity

It was in 2013. Gravity hit the cinemas and the hype was huge. Then there were the Academy Awards and Gravity won all the prices. Everybody seemed to be talking about it. Well, everybody except for me. For some reason I never watched this movie, until it aired on television last week!
I sure had great expectations for this one!


The Plot:
The astronauts Matt Kowalski and Ryan Stone are in space executing service on the Hubble Telescope. Everything is fine, until a very unfortunate chain reaction leads to a debris heading straight towards them. They struggle to get back to their ship and no one can be certain to ever set foot on the earth again.


The Rating:
First of all: the movie is always referred to as science-fiction, but you’ll get something completely different from you’d expect.
Gravity is about a woman (Sandra Bullock) who tries everything possible to save her life and get back home. It just happens to be that it all takes place in space.
So, the movie really was not what I though it would be but I was very pleasantly surprised! The typical sci-fi movies often seem either not original or completely over the top. Gravity was very reduced and very unique. The film lived on Sandra Bullock’s intense performance. Believe me, you will end up holding your breath and worrying with her.
The special effects are absolutely divine. It really looks like they shot it in space. And I appreciate that they found exactly the right amount of special effects. As the story is rather simply yet intense it could easily have been messed up by simply throwing in as many special effects as possible, but here the perfect balance was kept.

I have no idea how accurate the movie is in terms of science, but everything was executed so well, I can believe that a scenario could happen exactly like this. Gravity is an intense movie with a very strong lead actress. Definitely worth watching!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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