Book vs. Movie: Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters

Hello folks!
As you know, I’m currently reading the Percy Jackson books. After I checked out the adaptation of #1, The Lightning Thief, I finally found the time to also watch #2, Sea of Monsters. So what did director Thor Freudenthal make of Rick Riordan’s novel?


The Plot:
After the adventures in “The Lightning Thief” Percy returned to his normal life. But just when he is about to return to Camp Half-Blood, hell breaks loose. First of all Percy gets chased by a bunch of very dangerous monster, only saved by his new friend Tyson who later turns out to be a cyclops AND his brother. As if that wasn’t enough, upon arriving at the camp they discover that Thalia’s tree was poisoned. There is only one way to save it: finding the Golden Fleece.


Book vs. Movie:
As you can probably tell by now, I’m a huge fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. What I love so much about it is how cleverly Rick Riordan mixed those bits of Greek mythology with a new story and turned them into something modern without seeming ridiculous. I absolutely love Greek mythology and am always excited to find out what Riordan comes up with next.
Apart from that Riordan manages to create relatable characters. Especially Tyson is such a lovely guy. In the novel he was kind of like a puppy. Not too smart, a little clumsy, yet adorable and you just have to like him. Great job Mr. Riordan.
Before I continue with my thoughts about the film, let me just say I devoured the book. So exciting, clever and funny, it was simply impossible to put down.
Unfortunately I can’t find such kind words for the adaptation. To be honest, “awful” and “horrible” came to mind first. After the novel I was super excited to watch the movie but I just hate it. While the book was so smart the movie was nothing but a cheap teen flick with a bunch of special effects. Many parts of the story were left out, leaving so much unexplained. I was especially annoyed that they cut out almost all of the references to Greek mythology as those were my favourites. The overstretched many of the fighting scenes and made it all seem completely unrealistic.
For some reason they also made the character of Tyson appear completely different. In the movie he wasn’t amiable at all, just annoying. Besides that some of the special effects seemed rather cheap. While the fight scenes were drowned in CGI effects things like the Golden Fleece which actually should look impressive, seemed like something you can buy at Wal-Mart for 5 bucks.

Summing up, I have to say that the movie is beyond awful. By now I’m really glad they decided not to do any adaptations of the remaining novel. Just stick to the books they are super awesome!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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