Book vs. Movie: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Hello guys! As promised, I have some more Book vs. Movie posts in store.
The one I want to talk about today is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe from the series The Chronicles of Narnia. C. S. Lewis famous book was turned into a film in 2005 and now I finally found the time to check out both, novel and movie!


The Plot:
The Pevensie children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are sent to the country as WWII makes it too dangerous for them to stay in London. Soon after the kids arrive a their new home the explore the surroundings. That’s when the youngest of them, Lucy, discovers a huge wardrobe that leads to the mystical land of Narnia, where lots of marvellous creatures live and animals can talk. At first her siblings don’t want to believe her, but soon they all find themselves in Narnia, fighting the battle of their lives…


Book vs. Movie:
I wanted to read these books for ages! For some reason they are not as famous in Austria so I never got to read The Chronicles of Narnia when I was a kid.
C. S. Lewis tells a cute fairytale with many wonderful details. But what I have to criticize about this novel is that some plot-twist simply lack explanations. I am aware that it’s a children’s book but nevertheless I would expect a bit more info. However, the book was rather thrilling and I was especially amused by the lovely old professor who took the kids in. I’m sure every kid who reads the book wishes for a grown up like him in his or her life.
Let’s move on the film. It’s always a challenge to turn a really famous novel into a movie that does the original justice.
So I was pretty surprised that the movie kicked off a bit differently. At first I was irritated but I have to say I really enjoyed it. We get a scene in London, where the kids and their mother have to seek shelter because of the bombings. (And then they are sent to the country)
As the book was intended for children, the entire war aspect was left out and it actually never clearly stated why they even are in the country. So this new scenes added a new layer to the story and gave it far more depth.
While they stuck pretty close to the book for the first half of the film we get some more change and extra scenes throughout the second half. I’m usually not a fan of great novel’s being changed so much but in this case it really paid of. It made the story far more exciting and – again – added depth to the movie.
What really impressed me were both the cast and the entire scenery. They manage to create everything you read exactly how you imagine it. The animals, the Witch, even Narnia itself are marvellous. On top of that the cast was chosen perfectly. Especially Tilda Swinton as White Witch gave me the creeps!

I’m glad to say that The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a very well made adaptation of a famous book. The movie is just as magical as the novel! Can’t wait for the next part!


What do you think? Did you read the book? Have you seen the film? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia)

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  6. After reading this article about The Lion. The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. I had the opportunity to hear an aural text, watch a visual text, and read a book. I loved hearing the aural text; it was different from reading the book. Aural text has sounds, voices and can visualize situations and meanings from the characters. Also, a written text is very different from watching a movie. Written text explains in more detail and provides more than visual and aural but I like to visualize the details. Therefore, my favorite media form happens to be the visual text because I think watching is a better understanding for me. Visual text is filled with sounds, action, and music. Aural text and written text don’t provide a lot of what visual text does. Visual text shows good impressions and a tone of voice from characters. For example, when Lucy enters the wardrobe and reaches Narnia, the music describes it is a magical place and full of winter theme. Also, seeing Lucy and her reaction to seeing Narnia. The visual text allows me to see what the character sees and have an idea what there thinking from their reaction and personality. Everything that I can see or hear I can visualize and think about the situation in the movie. I can think freely about what I see in visual text and hear the voices of different characters. In my opinion, visual text describes and helps me understand more in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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