Top 10 Musical Movies (Part 1)

Hello guys! I just realised it’s been ages since I last posted a favourites list. So today I want to share the first half of my favourite musical movies:


10. Rock n Roll Highschool:
A pretty awesome movie most people don’t know is the Ramones movie Rock n Roll Highschool. The story is nothing special but the Ramones songs are great and it’s a colorful movie that will have you singing along!


9. School of Rock:
This one is just cool. Jack Black fills in as supply teacher and teaches the kids some real music. They end up forming a band and performing at a contest, doing an amazing job. Cute movie with a widespread range of music.


8. Little Shop of Horrors:
I just love the musical remake of the 1960’s film. When Seymour finds a rather strange plant after a solar eclipse his life is about to change. At first everything is going well and the plant attracts new customers for the flower shop. However, it soon turns out that plant doesn’t live on water but on humans…


7. Across the Universe:
One word: Beatles. For this musical movie a story was created around all the Beatles songs you love. We follow young Jude who leaves Liverpool to find his father in America. I can’t even tell you how much I am in love with this song. Having different artists singing the famous Beatles songs turned out so good I even ended up liking some of the new versions better than the orignal songs.


6. Mamma Mia:
This is basically Across the Universe with Abba songs. And instead of a sad story this one is a comedy. This movie is so great because it’s simply fun. It’s a nice story and it’s really cool that everybody gets the chance to perform, even the actors who aren’t such amazing singers. That just emphasizes the vibe of the movie even more. Fun, fresh and young.


This is it, the first half of my most beloved musical movies. Come back in a few days for the Top 5! Do you like this films? Let me know in the comments what your favourite is!

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