Movie Mania: Crimson Peak

Hello everybody!
As I currently am on holiday – thanks University – I finally have time to catch up with some movies I wanted to watch for ages. Crimson Peak was definitely one of them. Ever since I saw the trailer I was super excited about this one. It looked thrilling, impressive and somber. But did the movie meet my expectations?


The Plot:
The whole trouble begins for Edith when a young men named Thomas Sharpe steps into her life. After her father met an unfortunate fate, a devastated Edith marries Thomas and leaves with him for England. When they arrive at Crimson Peak it soon turns out it’s not only the old house that’s making noises…


The Rating:
Did you watch the trailer? It super atmospheric right? Well, the movie itself isn’t so much. Although the actors try their hardest, I always had the feeling that the movie wants to be more than it is. Simply trying too hard. It’s not that thrilling, that frightening, that intense. It even felt like the plot twists were a bit too many. In order to make it extra spooky they just threw im some more stuff but it just didn’t give a round picture, too many aspects of the film seemed a little odd, not perfectly thought through.
Even Tom Hiddleston disappointed me in this movie. For some reason he remained quite pale and failed to generate and intensity. No way for the audience to connect or feel with his character.
However, I also have some positive things to point out: The scenery is stunning. From the landscape over the house to the costumes – all absolutely marvellous.

Long story short – I thought Crimson Peak to be a somber and scary movie that would give me goosebumps. But unfortunately it is oh so mediocre. Not that special, not that interesting, not that thrilling. A half way decent film but most certainly nothing special.

What do you think about Crimson Peak? Let me know in the comments!

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