Master of None – A Few Foughts on the First few Episodes

Hello folks!
Today I want to talk about Master of None. I came to watch this show through my new TV show picking method. I simply wrote down the names of all the shows I want to check out and put them in a box. Well, the first piece of paper I pulled out said “Master of None”. Did I like it?


The Plot:
The show follows Dev Shah (portrayed by Aziz Ansari), a commercial actor who struggles finding his way to serious acting – and through life in general.


The Rating:
I remember reading about this show on a blog and thus it found its way into my show box.
However, I am not that enthusiastic about it…
The show got its chance to convince me with 3 episodes then I pulled the plug. I have the feeling that when creating it, they couldn’t decide whether the show is supposed to be serious or funny. The result is that it’s neither. There were no jokes I could laugh at and the rare occasion that tried to be real couldn’t create any depth. Despite the efforts it all remains pale and is not intriguing. Although the first season only consists of 10 episodes I have no motivation whatsoever to watch another one.

Although I heard so many great things about Master of None, this show is not for me. A big disappointment.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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