Book Review: Still Point by Katie Kacvinsky (Awaken #3)

I waited half an eternity to finally read the last part of Katie Kacvinsky’s trilogy. As the English version was only available digitally and I 1) don’t have an E-Book reader and 2) always prefer a physical copy I had to wait for the German book to be published!


The Plot:
Maddie just escaped but this is only the beginning. She returns back home to gain for information about the System and is torn between her family and the revolution. But soon she will have to face more problems than she’d expected…


The Rating:
I really enjoyed Kavinsky’s for two installments of the Awaken series and the whole idea appealed to me. I was very excited to she which picture she would paint of the digital world in the last part.
And now comes the big BUT. But unfortunately Still Point doesn’t have the energy or the uniqueness of the first two books. I was extremely disappointed to find out that after a few pages the story turned into your average teenage story. Nothing special, nothing original nothing exciting. What annoyed me most was that the love story did not only become the main focus of the story (you’re in the middle of a revolution – get your shit together!) Kacvinsky also introduced a second guy and now Maddie had to decide. To be honest I don’t even know why I even finished reading. Everything else just seemed to be a little subplot to the love story.
Besides that I also felt that many of the scenes resembled cheap action movies. Crash – Bang – Bang. Waaaaay over the top. Basically nothing in the book matched. You’re going from action movie to romance in the blink of an eye without any connection.
I won’t even say anything about the ending except for one thing: unimaginative and cheap. It feels like not much thought was put into it. No surprises.

Unfortunately I have nothing positive to say about the book. I am aware that it’s YA but the first two novel are really thrilling and introduce interesting ideas. However, Still Point is by far the worst installment and has none of the great aspects that made me enjoy the other parts.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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