Movie Mania: The Revenant

Today I bring you Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest movie. It’s another chance for him to win an Academy Award and the critics are more than enthusiastic. But is The Revenant really that good?


The Plot:
It’s 1832 and a group of trappers are on the hunt for pelts. They are guided by Glass, the most experienced hunter among them who know the area like the back of his hand. After they are attacked by some native Americans, the try to flee through the woods. However, Glass is severely wounded by a bear and barely survives. Two of the trappers and his son stay behind to take care of him but one of the trappers betrays him. Glass has to find a way to continue on his own – and take revenge.


The Rating:
By now you all probably know about the film. I’ve seen so many ads for it and it was featured in almost every TV show. So, I had my hopes up pretty high. DiCaprio is an amazing actor and so far I liked most of his movies.However, I ended up very annoyed and very disappointed.
First of all, I have to state that it is extremely lengthy. Most of the 2 1/2 hours are spent by DiCaprio crawling through the woods. I ended up thinking “If only he had died when the bear attacked him – It would have spared me 2 annoying hours…”.
Another point I have to mention is how completely and ridiculously unrealistic many scenes and aspects were. I am aware that it is a movie but it’s based on a real man. But the way events are depicted you end up thinking “are you kidding me???” every 15 minutes.
Another aspect of the plot (the Natives trying to find the chief’s daughter) was introduced at the beginning but was hardly mentioned throughout the entire film. I was very irritated about that whole thing.
I also missed an impressive soundtrack. Many of the scenes did not have any dialogue and really could have used some music.
The final point I want to mention is the ending. I was so disappointed. It wasn’t impressive or anything, I couldn’t believe there was really nothing more to come.

Summing up I can say that DiCaprio really doesn’t deserve an Academy Award for this one. The movie is lengthy and annoying. After so many great things I heard about it the film really let me down!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Movie Mania: The Revenant

  1. interesting review! I really enjoyed the long shots and the scenery.. along with the way you found out about glass’s past. the lack of dialogue is quite refreshing, actually! but I do agree, what the bear did to him, how he survived in a stream of ice-cold water for so long.. that was really supernatural.
    and I also think that giving leo an oscar now would really belittle all his other roles!

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