Lilyhammer – A Recap on all 3 Seasons

Finally! I finished watching the third season of Lilyhammer, the Netflix production about a gangster making a new life in Norway.


The Plot:
Frank Tagliano is a pretty important guy in the New York mafia  clan. But when he cooperates with the FBI he has to go undercover. They help him start a new life in Lillyhammer, Norway. But he falls back into old ways and builds his new empire up north.


The Rating:

Season #1:
Simply brilliant. The kick-off for this show is funny but also with serious aspects woven into the story. Not only the actors do a great job, Norway itself is beautiful. They come around with something new all the time – you never know what to expect.

Season #2:
The second seasons began even funnier than the last. I laughed so hard during the first episodes, there were tears in my eyes. Well, somewhere during the middle of the season the tone got darker and more serious. I was a little disappointed about that.

Season #3:
To be honest this one is my least favourite. They couldn’t go back to the great balance of funny and serious that had managed to create during the first season. Things just didn’t match anymore. But wat let me down the most was the finale. Instead of trying to give the show an ending, they created many new plot strings during the last episodes, not giving any of them a proper finish. The touch so many new aspects it really annoyed me. They could have started a bunch of those ideas throughout the season and really develop them instead of stuffing it all into the final episode.

I love the first season, laughed hard at the second, and got disappointed by the third one. But all in all Lillyhammer is a really nice show with hilarious ideas and great actors. Futhermore the setting in Norway is a great change of scenery compared to most other shows!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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