7 Thoughts on American Horror Story Season 5 – A Recap

Another season of American Horror Story – the notorious anthology – is over. The fifth installment “Hotel” spanned over 12 episodes and told the story of Hotel Cortez – a dark and evil place that no-one will ever leave neither alive nor dead.

The Positives:

First of all, I want to mention how absolutely divine Lady Gaga was in this show. At first, I had my doubts about whether she would be able to pull off such a big acting role but Gage really proved that she can do and was awarded a Golden Globe Award for her performance.

As always the soundtrack was marvelous. I especially loved it when the first episode was ended with “Hotel California”. It felt like a promise of what the season was up to and simply matched perfectly with the atmosphere.

The most outstanding performance beside Lady Gage was definitely delivered by Denis O’Hare. His Liz Taylor might be one of my all-time favorite AHS characters.

One of the things I really appreciate is the history bits and personalities they mix into the show. The idea for Devil’s Night with all those infamous killers was great. I spent hours on Wikipedia afterwards!

The Negatives:

After so much praise I need to mention some of the stuff I didn’t like that much. What really annoyed me was that most of the male characters (Donovan, Tristan, Will, Gabriel) looked so much alike, I could hardly tell them apart even when the show was almost over. I guess they did this intentionally to show the Countess’ type but for me it was nothing but a big annoyance.

James Patrick March. Although Evan Peters usually does an excellent job, his interpretation in this season was not too impressive. The accent was completely ridiculous and I was glad whenever he stopped talking.

This season started off very strong but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with its own promises. About halfway through the intensity started to recede. The episodes didn’t have a huge “wow-effect” anymore. Don’t get me wrong, they were also pretty decent but only the first half of the show really knocked my socks off. Even the last episode seemed a little affected and fitted, although the final scene was stunning!

That’s it. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the next season! Let me know in the comments what you think about “Hotel”!

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9 thoughts on “7 Thoughts on American Horror Story Season 5 – A Recap

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