A Tribute to Alan Rickman: My 5 Favourite Films

Yesterday I heard the news that Alan Rickman one of the greatest actors of our time passed away. There are so many of his films that had a huge influence on me and I am beyond sad.
In his honor I want to present you all my favourite Alan Rickman movies.


This movie is just hilarious. Alan Rickman plays the Metatron, the voice of God. He sort of guides the last person related to Jesus Christ on her crusade to save world, as two fallen angels try to sneak their way back into heaven. This movie is not only funny and stuffed to the top with great actors, I also love that you can see how much time Kevin Smith spent exploring Catholicism to make everything accurate.


Sweeney Todd:
I’m usually not a huge fan of musical but Sweeney Todd has it all. It’s dark, it’s heartbreaking, it gets under your skin. Johnny Depp plays the anti-hero in this piece, Alan Rickman is the evil Judge Turpin who basically holds Sweeney Todd’s daughter hostage. Not only is Rickman the perfect counterpart for Depp, he also impressed me with his singing skills!


Perfume: The Story of a Murderer:
Let me just say, the book is marvellous. I was extremely excited to see how the adaptation turned out. Rickman plays the father of Laura, whom Jean-Baptist Grenouille chose as final ingredient for his perfect perfume. Rickman gives an intense performance in a breath-taking movie and once again show how versatile he is.


Love Acutally:
I’m usually not a fan of romantic stuff but this is one of the films you can’t help but adore. While this is in total a heart-warming film that’ll leave you with a nice and cuddly-warm feeling in your belly, the episode featuring Alan Rickman is actually sad to the bone. The worst of all: it’s so very real.


Harry Potter:
After all this time? Always.
I’m not going to pick one film but the entire series. No other actor would have been capable of capturing the very essence of a troubled character like Severus Snape as perfectly as Alan Rickman. At first you hate him and then, when it’s to late you love him, and that breaks your heart. It’s difficult to play a character from a novel in movie but Rickman really made Snape come to life. Not any version of Snape, but exactly how I imagined him, exactly how J. K. Rowling wrote him.
With this role Rickman will always be in the heart of every person that every watched Harry Potter.



Honorable Mention:
Rickman also did the voice for Marvin the Paranoid Android in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Absolem the Catarpillar in Alice in Wonderland. These films are also marvellous and Rickman managed to covey so many feelings just with his voice.


What’s your favourite Alan Rickman movie? Let me know in the comments!

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