4 Amazing TV Shows I discovered in 2015

For me 2015 was the year of great TV shows. There were many amazing new seasons to beloved shows (I’ll write a post on that in a few days!) but also some older stuff I finally got around checking out. Some of you probably already watched them years ago but to me there were brand new.
Here are my 4 favourite shows I discovered in 2015!


#4 – Dexter:
A fellow blogger gave me the idea to check out Dexter after I read a great post from her. I fell in love with the show and binge-watched all 8 seasons. After a lot of excitement for the first 5 seasons the last three disappointed me. But at least up to #5 Dexter is one of my favourite shows – not only of 2015 but all time!


#3 – Vikings:
I guess, this is the most recent show you’ll find in this post. After it launched in 2013, we already have 3 seasons by now. Believe me, all of them are binge-watch-material. The actors are amazing, the battle scenes brilliant. But most impressive to me are the bits of real history. After each episode I did some research and it turned out the show is surprisingly accurate!


#2 – Doctor Who:
This is not exactly a new discovery. I watched Doctor Who before but stopped somewhere in the middle of Series 4, David Tennant still being the Doctor. However, in 2015 I finally got around catching up. I loved David Tennant and also Matt Smith, but Peter Capadali is not the Doctor for. So I’m taking another break in the middle of Series 8. However, everything I watched in 2015 – Series 4 to 7 – is completely magical!


#1 – Lillyhammer:
Lilyhammer was recommended to me by a fellow student at my university. When he told me how brilliant this show is, I didn’t expect him to be so right. The story of an ex-mafioso building his new life in Norway is hilarious. I currently in the middle of season 2 and it gets better with every episode. It’s a shame the show got cancelled after season 3. Anyway, I’m sure some great laughs will await before the final episode!

Did you watch any of the shows? What’s your favourite? Did you make any great discoveries in 2015? Let me know in the comments!



10 thoughts on “4 Amazing TV Shows I discovered in 2015

  1. You really need to pull through Series 8 of Doctor Who. I know that it’s not good and many people had their problems with it. I was a huge Matt Smith fan, like he was MY Doctor, so the change to Capaldi was especially difficult, even though I am a person who really liked Clara. Still, Series 9 is so much better. It got me back to liking the show and it broke my heart several times. Also, this year’s Christmas Special is one of the best!

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  3. so many posts I missed over the holidays! 🙂
    thank you for the honourable mention, tee hee.
    thank you for the bit about the historical accuracy of vikings, didn’t think of that!
    my favourite show of 2015 was definitely NARCOS if you want to check that out as well!

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