Top 5 Christmas Episodes in TV Shows

Last week I presented a list of my favourite animated TV show christmas episodes. Today I want to share my most beloved real-life christmas special. Prepare yourself for being showered in holiday spirit!


Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol (S6E0 – Christmas Special):

Doctor Who is legendary for its Christmas specials. Among a bunch of great episodes, A Christmas Carol is my favourite. The Doctor becomes the ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet To Come. This episode is heart-warming. A special touch is added by the Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins who gives an outstanding performance with a song that guarantees goosebumps.


Scrubs – My Own Personal Jesus (S1E11):

In this episode Turk loses his faith after being confronted with a bunch of things during his night shift. The other also have their problems but Christmas has its ways of making miracles happen – if only you have enough faith.


My So-Called Life – So-Called Angels (S1E15):

By now I’m sure you know how much I love My So-Called Life. Among all the amazing episodes that capture the very essence of what being a teenager feels like, So-Called Angels sent shivers down my spine. This is one of the episodes that get you thinking. Bad things are going on in the world and we should be thankful for what we have. My So-Called Life gives you a little reminder without pointing a finger.


Gilmore Girls – Forgiveness and Stuff (S1E10):

Family matters, you should appreciate your loved ones, you never what might happen. Something you should always keep in mind!
Things are tense between Lorelai and Rory – and as always between Lorelai and her mother. But when Richard is rushed to the hospital, the family finally settles their differences.


Full House – A Very Tanner Christmas (S6E12):

To be honest, it’s been almost ten years since I saw Full House for the last time. I don’t remember a lot about this episode but the final scene (see video below) is what stuck with me. After all these years, going through my favourite Christmas specials, it instantly came to mind. Simply cute!


What’s you favourite Christmas themed episode? Let me know in the comments!




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