Top 5 Christmas Episodes of Animated TV Shows

Hello Folks! Christmas is just around the corner so I want to share my favourite TV episodes. Today I’ll present my favourite Christmas themed animated episodes, in a few days you’ll get my favourite non animated stuff! I hope you enjoy the list! 😀


South Park – Woodland Critter Christmas (S8E14):
By now South Park has come up with many great Christmas episodes. But my favourite will always be the one with a bunch of cute woodland creatures who want to summon the Anti-Christ. Sounds weird? It is. And completely hilarious!
The guys from South Park are kind enough to put all episodes on the website, so I leave you the link to watch the full episode! (German South Park Page)


The Simpsons – Holiday of Future Passed (S23E9):
After 27 season The Simpsons delivered enough Christmas episodes to fill a whole afternoon. I had a hard time choosing one of them, but I think my favourite is set in 2041. Maggie, Lisa and Bart are all grown up and return home for Christmas with their own kids. It’s great to see the characters evolve and age. I especially love Maggie in this one. Simply brilliant!


Bob’s Burgers – Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle Mannequins (S3E9):
After a bunch of posts on the show you can probably tell that I love Bob’s Burgers. Actually, seeing this very Christmas episode on TV a few days ago, inspired this post! In Bob’s Burgers’ first X-Mas special the allow a guy to live in their basement. In return he decorates the shop window each day until Christmas. Where’s the catch? Well, he constantly talks about his wife who is a mannequin. In fact he claims he was one himself…


Spongebob Squarepants – It’s a SpongeBob Christmas! (S8E23):
I think I never featured Spongebob on my blog before, but this episode is certainly worth including. First of all: it’s shot with stop-motion, so it looks different from the regular episodes.
In this Christmas special Plankton tries to turn the whole population of Bikini Bottom into evil folks, getting them all on Santa’s naughty list.


Futurama – A Tale of Two Santas (S4E3):
In Futurama, Christmas works a bit differently. Robot Santa Claus is actually an evil guy who shoots everyone leaving the house. The Planet Express crew goes on a quest to find the real Santa, but it doesn’t work out the way it was planned.


What’s your favourite Christmas themed episode? Let me know in the comments!

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