3 Reasons for watching Broadchurch

When Broadchurch was aired on German television a few weeks ago, I was reminded how much it impressed me!
This award-winning crime drama features some of Great Britain’s finest actors.


Reason #1 – The Atmosphere:
When it comes to creating suspense and simply a thrilling atmosphere, Broadchurch is one of the best shows I came across in a long time. The music blends in perfectly with the stunning landscape. From close-up to slow-motion, whatever technique they used, it as a perfect fit.


Reason #2 – The Actors:
As I mentioned above, we get a truly awesome cast for Broadchurch. David Tennant plays one of the leading roles, Arthur Davill an important minor role. Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker give stunning performances as the leading ladies of the show. I could go on about the superb actors for an eternity. Yes, they really are that great.


Reason #3 – The Crime:
In episode one an awful crime is discovered. Believe me, this will get under your skin. During several moments of the show I felt shivers creeping down my spine. The amazing thing about the show is that they weave so many aspects into the story, you’ll be absolutely fascinated. It’s hard to see through, you won’t be able to guess who did it. When it is finally revealed I guarantee goosebumps!


Already watched the show? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “3 Reasons for watching Broadchurch

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