Concert Review: James Choice & the Bad Decisioins, Mickey Dey and friends @ The Loft (Vienna)

On 18th October a few of my favourite things came together: a cosy bar in Vienna called “The Loft”, a bunch of awesome artists and great acoustic sets.


If you live in the Viennese area I’m sure you already heard of James Choice and The Bad Decisions. By now I’ve seen them live 5 times and I love almost all the songs. But this day was special, as not they were not the only artists to hit the stage.
Mickey Dey, a lovely English fella, decided to move to Vienna. On the way down from the UK he and his friends decided to make a tour, Vienna being the last stop.
So to celebrate Mickey coming to Austria we got 5 awesome acts playing an acoustic set: Me-Rex, Gerrard Bell-Fife, Perkie, Mickey Dey and James Choice & the Bad Decisions.

The kicked off the show the best way possible: teaming up for a few songs. Listening to the English folks I realised what a perfect team they are. Simply a perfect match. But not only did they impress as a team, each of the solo-performances was great aswell. Each of them having something different to offer, different stories, different sounds.
I really liked Me-Rex whom I heard for the first time. He has a raw sound with a lot of power and -by the way- is really fun to talk to.

Gerrard Bell-Fife impressed me a lot, I guess because I was expecting something different. I hope this doesn’t sound mean but on first glance he appeared a bit shy and introvert, but then he blasted out his songs and I just sat there thinking “wow”.

The only girl playing solo that night was Perkie. I really liked her quirky way and enjoyed the songs she played together with Mickey.

Moving on to reason for the concert: Mickey Dey. I’ve heard him perform before twice and quite liked it but this time he really impressed me. His songs have strong and intense lyrics and in combination with his atmospheric voice he gets under your skin. Gossebumps all the way!

Last but definitely not least: James Choice & the Bad Decisions. As you can probably tell by now, I was super excited. I bought all their CDs and by now I reached the point where I can sing along to almost all the songs. (I just hope this doesn’t come across creepy right now, haha)
As always they delivered an awesome show. What I like a lot about their songs are the lyrics. With most Austrian bands I have the problem that they sing in English but you can clearly tell it’s not their mother tongue. But James spent some time in England and that shows. His lyrics are a bunch of quality levels above the usual Austrian stuff.

(for those who know me: I’m in the video, can you spot me?^^)

Another important point: all of them are awesome people. I’ve had nice chats with them and they remember you. It’s nice see it’s appreciated that you show up at a concert and support them. Many bands are just like “whatever” but not them!

I don’t know when Mickey Dey or James Choice & the Bad Decisions play in Vienna the next time, but I’m sure I’ll be there!
However, I hope I get a chance to see  Me-Rex, Gerrard Bell-Fife and Perkie perform again some day! =)


*PS: I looove the tour poster! Thanks for giving me one! I hope it’s okay that I included it here!*

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